Monday, November 12, 2012


Appreciate the Sauce has returned. There is a small story behind the name, relating to the Chinese idiom "when drinking water, always appreciate the source". This is a powerful little phrase, and something often overlooked in our increasingly gen Y dominated world. I like it, because if I think about the little river that runs just by my house (not that I drink from it), it is a nice little mind-wander to think about where the source of the water really is... How far upstream is the source? And how does the water come to be at this source? Stopping to appreciate the source always adds a bit of value to the day.

I saw this misquoted one day as "when drinking water, always appreciate the sauce". I liked the typo. Appreciate the sauce. Because, if we change the metaphor from water to food, I guess it still holds. Eat your food, and stop to appreciate the sauce. Would your lasagne, or eggs benedict, or chicken stir fry be much without the sauce? If you removed the sauce from almost any big meal, you would be left with plain bland ingredients. The sauce gives the vibrance, the flavour, the character, nay, the essence to a dish. So take a moment, appreciate the sauce.

Anyway, this little rant is what this blog is about. Rants about nothing. The mind wanderings of a guy.